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Beekeepers are ready to export honey to Germany

Oswaldo Ramos reports for El Deber:

Beekeepers are ready to export honey to Germany

In the Germanic country, at the Anuga fair, three types of honey were preented: Chiquitano, Chaco and tropical.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 7.58.33 AMThe Beekeepers Association of Santa Cruz (ADAPICRUZ) achieved a commitment to place on the German market an annual total of 50 tons of honey, a project that will be fulfilled within five years after the increase production capacity to consolidate (of 100 actual) tons in a quantity exceeding 150 tons.

This commitment was made at the Anuga world fair, held in Germany, where high quality agricultural products from around the world are shown.

The plan to develop an exportable supply of organic honey from tropical Santa Cruz, with the highest quality and safety protocols, ADAPICRUZ started it three years ago. They had government support through Pro Bolivia and Bee Complex Productive Friendly Nature project, funded by the European Union.

To export, beekeepers need to have international certification issued by the National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety, and that takes time, said ADAPICRUZ manager, Oswaldo Soruco.

For that reason, only prototype sample products to be exported that are within an ethnic park were taken, consisting of a package with three kinds of honey of the highest quality designation of origin: chiquitana honey, tropical honey and Chaco honey.

The German company interested in acquiring the Santa Cruz honey is Phito Treasures.

The Belgian NGO Fair Trade pledged to give support soon, and for a period of 36 months in training to beekeepers for this export plan that will take place within five years.