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Bolivian politics: When being a politician becomes a sin

Ilya Fortun writes in Pagina Siete:

When being a politician becomes a sin

Ilya FortunMAS has called for a referendum on February 21 that they believe will be a referendum, but in reality will be virtually a recall.

Evo and MAS are directed straight to the scaffold, he has been self-condemned after an incredible political maneuver that while not formally and immediately be moved away from power, it will convert the remaining four years of his mandate in an ordeal.

Nobody forced them to commit this terrible political mistake; they were all alone that they got into this mess, pressed by the economic crisis, the desire to take advantage of maritime causes, but mainly by political schizophrenia that afflicts them.

Sorry, I rectified: the MAS is entitled to another resounding electoral defeat if and only if the scenario remains as before, and who leads in the campaign for the NO, should be the citizens without ties to the political opposition.

So far it seems that everyone has understood well that’s the silver bullet that kills the werewolf, as demonstrated in the last referendum for the statutes, in which politicians were not allowed to participate and in which citizens and leaders of Opinion inflicted a beating on the Government.

Of political caution and discipline to maintain this scheme will depend the outcome of the referendum. The time that any of the opposition players fall into the trap of provocation or attempts to be alive, trying to capitalize on the popular will of the NO for personal gain, things will take another course and most likely the YES will win.

They know it at the government and therefore are desperate to get some reaction to their provocations, which surely will go in a hellish crescendo in the coming weeks.

They know that the scenario in which they have always done well is the stage where they create the enemy; the scene of the gross polarization where they are good and the others are bad, where they are left and the others are the right, where they are the future and the other the past.

They know it well, they are even willing to finance several million dollars for the YES campaign by some opposition leader.

It is confirmed again in this election scenario they are regular citizen and the voices of the opposition that are not close to the political parties that embody the popular will, and the only ones capable to curb the suicide excesses of the MAS.

We will have to think more about this phenomenon, but I suspect the tremendous mediocrity of the opposition and ties of them with a past, which no one wants to return, have surpassed citizen patience and is no longer willing to trust his voice to an opposition that has failed to represent them.

The result of the February 21 could then determine not only the defeat of the regime, but also the defeat of the opposition, as we have known it so far.

If all this seems very strange to you, all that I’m saying, look at this curiosity, that I think reaffirms the issue: Carlos Mesa, the man who has absolutely kept out of politics and off any personal aspiration, today is the figure better profiled to succeed Evo Morales.

Ilya Fortun is a social communicator.