Internet in Bolivia: among the slowest 10 in the world

El Deber reports:

Internet in Bolivia: among the slowest 10 in the world

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.48.05 AMAn international study reveals that it is the world’s slowest sixth and the second most expensive in America. The fastest in the continent are in Chile, Brazil and Uruguay.

An international study found that Internet service Bolivia is among the slowest ten in the world, next to nations living civil wars and instability, such as Libya and Syria.

The web portal,, which specializes in making rankings on various aspects of technology, said that Bolivia is the sixth country in the world with slower Internet.

The list includes Libya (worst internet at international level) and then followed by Nepal, Nigeria, Iran, India, Bolivia, Syria, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

About Bolivia, the report acknowledges that “although these countries began offering internet at the same time, some are improving the quality of service. The most advanced, of the ten mentioned, is Bolivia,” the website said.

Bad value for money

The cost of Internet in Bolivia per mega speed is the highest in Latin America and the world, with $55, according to the web portal “more and better Internet for Bolivia”.

Another study, distributed by the Regional Dialogue on the Information Society (LAC) mentions that Bolivia has the second most expensive Internet and the slowest of the Americas.

The average monthly price for access it, said this report is $45.6 dollars, second only to Argentina, where it costs $59. Costa Rica, Brazil and Uruguay have the lowest price, less than $14 a month.

The countries with the fastest Internet in the region, according to reports from the IADB, are Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.

… and this government said Bolivia was going to be better than Switzerland… one of the many unmet “promises” of the demagogue!

Over a decade lost under the worst ochlocracy in Bolivia, over $150 billion dollars wasted!

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