Honors to the remains of Bolivian soldiers who fought in Peru in 1880

Pagina Siete reports:

They participated in the Battle of Alto de la Alianza against Chile

Honors to the remains of soldiers who fought in Peru in 1880

They were awarded the Condor of the Andes, the highest award of the country.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.22.29 AMDistinguished actions of an officer and a soldier of the Second Infantry Regiment Sucre, who died at the Battle of Alto de la Alianza in 1880, in Peru, were decorated yesterday at the Casa de la Libertad de Sucre. Today [08/18/2015], their bodies will be taken to the Military Museum in that city.

Yesterday morning, the Government of Peru gave to the Bolivian authorities the remains of two soldiers. The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Army of Peru with the presence of three Peruvian ministers and other officials.

In this ceremony, the two soldiers received the posthumous award of the Medal Combatant Mariscal Andres Avelino Cáceres, which is given for distinguished actions in the military field.

Immediately afterwards, the remains were taken, by air, from Lima to Sucre. They came to Juana Azurduy Airport at 16:00 and a group of students received them with national flags aloft. Half an hour later they entered the main Plaza 25 de Mayo in an open carriage.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.22.47 AMArmy troops entered two coffins to the House of Liberty where national authorities paid them homage. President Morales made the posthumous delivery -maximum Andean Condor distinction conferred by-state, among other distinctions.

Morales referred to the combatants repatriated as “men who gave their lives for our country, men who gave their lives to return to Pacific sovereignty against invasion” of Bolivian Litoral.

The remains were kept in a chapel last night and today will be deposited at the Military Historical Museum of Sucre.

The bodies were found in 2008 and are mummified by the arid and desert conditions of southern Peru, said Defense Minister Bolivia, Reymi Ferreira.

They retain the yellow jackets with the sleeves and red neck with buttons bearing the shield of the Bolivian Army, and white pants with folded edge, typical of sucrense regiment. Among their clothes, dried coca leaves were found, used to reduce fatigue when chewed.

The officer died after being crowned in the head and the soldier died in combat, as diagnosed by medical examiners who examined the remains. According to historians, in the Battle of Alto de la Alianza, the soldiers of Regiment Sucre resisted a strong onslaught of the Chilean troops. Of the 470 soldiers who had that group, 200 died and 178 were wounded, said the minister.

Bolivia and Chile faced Peru in the Pacific War that began after the occupation of national territory by Chilean troops who also conquered southern Peru.


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