Bolivian gov’s demagogue falls short regarding food security!

Miguel Roca reports for El Deber:

The entrepreneurs do not see conditions for investment

According to data from the Ministry of Economy, domestic private investment will be $1,700 million; i.e. $380 million dollars more than last year.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.48.21 AMOn Tuesday [4/21/2015], President Evo Morales asked private entrepreneurs to invest $4,000 million dollars in the country, to accompany the state investment. Entrepreneurs anticipated that the right conditions to meet the demand of the head of state are not given.

“I would like to arrange a meeting with the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia, if the state is planning to invest $7,700 million this year, I would want the private sector to join us at least with $4,000 million to ensure economic growth,” said Morales. [cheap demagogue while blockades run uncontrolled, or like smuggling that kills our industries, and violent take over of land and companies… this president is either delusional or knows exactly why he says this, to perpetuate himself in power, as the other leaders of socialism in LAC do]

Luis Barbery, president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Cainco), said entrepreneurs are willing to invest, but still needs to secure some additional measures, such as access to credit from the financial system.

“Right now there is a favorable climate for investment, at this summit we discuss all these issues and express them to the Government. The product prices are falling, the government has the conditions to generate incentives for investment, no one holds [money] in the grip or under the mattress,” said Barbery.

Private investment for this year is estimated at $1,700 million ($3,400 million if one takes into account the Direct Foreign Investment-IED), according to the projection of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Current president is a true advocate of current rulers in Venezuela… maybe because of that he does not see or rejects to acknowledge how bad the economics, the productivity or the competitiveness of that country really is… to relentlessly pursue their “socialist” discourse is just a clear proof of the ochlocratic nature of his government!

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