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Bolivian Ombudsman investigates situation of Bolivian migrants in Brazil

Pagina Siete reports:


Bolivian Ombudsman investigates situation in Brazil

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.20.33 AMThe Ombudsman Rolando Villena, and a commission traveled yesterday for Brazil to investigate the situation of human rights of Bolivians who migrated to this country and also meet their demands and concerns.

Villena and his team will meet with organizations that bring together Bolivian migrants, officials of the Consulate General of Bolivia in Sao Paulo, authorities of the Federal Office for the Rights of Citizens of the nation, the Public Ministry of Labor and Public Defender also representatives of organizations working with this issue.

Then, between April 6 and 10, the Ombudsman will participate in a public hearing Bolivian migrants, which will directly know the situation they are in and the status of the exercise of their rights to work, health, social security, equal treatment and others.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.33.57 AMThese demands will be collected to manage and enable their care through protection mechanisms promoted by Bolivia, through the Ombudsmen and, in this case, the Office for Citizens’ Rights, reported the institution in a statement.

During his visit, Villena also pay a visit to the Women’s Prison of Santana and Migrants Delegation to verify the status of nationals who are in these centers also will visit the Reference Center for Migrants.

As with the cases of Spain and Argentina, the Ombudsman shall prepare a report containing its findings and raise the necessary recommendations to address problems that are evident.

“Migrants have two ombudsmen: the country of origin and the country where they have migrated,” said Villena before leaving for the neighboring country where fulfill an agenda of five days.


Important work for the Ombudsman, Bolivia must care for those brave Bolivians who send over a billion dollars yearly in remittances. Thus, we need to honor their effort.

He should also check on the dozens of Bolivians who fled the country due to the ruling party’s political persecution!