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Read about the mood of current president after the elections’ “debacle”

After the election for Governors and Mayors in Bolivia, it was clear that something happened to the support to the coca grower ochlocracy, the masismo lost big time.

Humberto Vacaflor describes superbly the mood of the president, he writes in HoyBolivia.com

Moods of the President

President Evo Morales is not a fool, as is well-known.

Humberto VacaflorHis first comment after the humiliating defeat his party received in the elections of March 29, was that the voters of La Paz voted against corruption.

That way he stood in contrast to the corruption front, ie against his party. He noted that his party is down and he does not want to join it in the fall. He has worn a life jacket. The MAS are in the third class of the Titanic.

A few hours earlier had an idea of ​​perverse humor, when he decided that the Bolivian government offered bottled water to Antofagasta [Chile].

The blow had the subtlety of a Venetian foil because it referred to all the issues under discussion with Chile. Michele’s government was facing a problem with no solution. And chose to show no capacity to understand and address these politics’ filigree, because the water was rejected. It is not known what was worse: accept or reject it.

What Evo Morales wanted was to put the issue on the table: the water was only a symbol. And everyone thought, as he wanted, in the Silala, but that was too subtle irony to Santiago.

After catching his breath after the so sonorous and painful defeat, Evo Morales also said the campaign had distracted him from his duties as president, but now must return to them.

That way he anticipated criticism should emerge (they will not) for having made 73 trips on Air Force as campaign manager for his candidates across the country.

Assuming that each trip the presidential plane costs within the territory $10,000, he has spent nearly a million dollars just in the use of the Falcon in this campaign for his party, which he is the personal boss, leader by the grace of God.

But you have nothing to worry about. Neither the controller nor parliament, nor anyone will ask him to render accounts. But the electorate has said, very clearly, that they have no more patience to bear with him. And he has understood.

Do not rely on analysts, they do not understand what happened.



… and that is the “nature” of the one who made us lose a decade and wasted $150 billion dollars!