Quinoa producers attend a German Fair: BioFach 2015

Quinoa news from www.hoybolivia.com:

Quinoa producers manage business for more than Bs 150 million at a German Fair

QuinoaThe president of the National Association of Quinoa Producers (ANAPQUI), Juan Crispin, said Thursday [02/19/2015] that business deals for more than Bs150 million were achieved at the international fair of production and marketing of organic products “BioFach 2015“, held for the last 25 years in Germany.

“The ANAPQUI again participated in this fair, where they managed negotiations with several countries, over Bs150 million representing income not only for the industry but also for the country”, informed to ABI.

He explained that “BioFach” met between February, 11 and 15, in the city of Nuremberg, about 2,200 organic farmers in over 129 countries, who showed the world organic products, natural textiles, organic agriculture and other natural products.

Crispin said ANAPQUI participation was important in the fair, considering that the “interest” in the Bolivian quinoa, for their high nutritional value and for its organic production was found.

“It’s interesting that people, internationally want Bolivian quinoa, that is what our own clients show us when we have direct contact” supported.

He added that such fairs allows Bolivian producers, especially those who produce quinoa, to learn more about markets and face greater challenges for Bolivian organic production.


Great entrepreneurial activity. Now, what does the central government need to do? 1) To protect our borders, so no illegal quinoa is brought from Peru to be re-exported; 2) To stop all road blockades and riots that put in jeopardy our trade. That is all we need from the government, the private sector [including coops] will take care of the rest!

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