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German Cooperation and Chamber of Industry close project on energy management

hoybolivia.com reports:

German Cooperation and Chamber of Industry close project on energy management

CNIThe National Chamber of Industries (CNI) and the German Embassy closed on Thursday the project “Energy Management System, Certification NB/ISO 50001:2011”, which gave continuity to the projects: Mitigation measures to reduce the footprint of Carbon I and II, informed the institutional sources.

“The objective of the Project was to provide advice to companies on compliance with the requirements of NB/ISO 50001: 2011, aimed at obtaining certification,” remarks a press release.

According to the document, the project was oriented to the implementation of Energy Management Systems in 10 companies affiliated to the Chamber of Industries, based on NB/ISO 50001: 2011, which achieved the certification of three of them, from the 10 attended.

The ISO 5001 Energy Management System was created in order to provide organizations with a recognized framework for integrating energy efficiency into their management practices.

The industries that participated in this project were: Bagó, Coproca, Korigoma, La Francesa, Panda, Embol, Stege, Praxair, Vita and Alcos, who received advice on specific issues of primary information assessment, Provision of formats, schedules, previous evaluations and training coordination, among others, according to the press release.