Canadian Ambassador recommends diversifying production

El Diario reports:

Ambassador recommends diversifying production

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.28.46 AMThe ambassador of Canada in Bolivia, Patricia Fortier, recommended the Government to boost productive diversification. Also highlighted the work that the country has in the energy sector.

Also, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), called for further progress on structural reforms and trade.

In that sense, the president of the National Chamber of Exporters of Bolivia (CANEB), Guillermo Pou Munt, highlighted the macroeconomic stability achieved by Bolivia and advocated because it meshes well with microeconomics and could be translated into efficient public policies. [interesting wish that current ochlocracy has no clue about it, how to implement it, that is]

The statements relate to the diversification of the export supply that is an alternative to the sale of hydrocarbons and minerals that will feel the effects of the fall in international prices.

On the other hand, economic analyst Armando Mendez said the time of austerity seems to have arrived and will cut tax expenditures, with the decline of rental income.

Austerity should go hand in hand by eliminating superfluous infrastructure like the new palace they intend to build for the leisure and ego of the coca-grower caudillo.

Smuggling and narcotrafficking has grown considerably under the masismo and that is the source of liquidity and apparent bonanza. The truth is that before 2006, bread cost was 20 cents, now over 50 cents per loaf. Meat was Bs14 per kilo now os more than Bs40…

It may sound naive and even insulting to say to the “great” caudillo to diversify production but is something that his limited capacity is unable to absorb. The government needs to cancel the export quotas on agricultural production, control/stop road and street blockades, enforce property ownership and the rest we can handle. As simple as that.


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