Venture into clean coal industry with competitive prices

Carla Paz reports for El Deber:

Venture into clean coal industry with competitive prices

Process. The company uses material from pruning to make up to 20 tons of product per month.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 7.27.22 AMA great step to help the environment. The traditional charcoal has a new serious competitor. It is pressed tablets branches waste and other types of crushed fibers. The material, developed by Eco-K International SRL, carries a binder, then is pressed and hung out to dry, becoming eco briquettes or charcoal.

Carlos Carrasco, general manager of Eco-K International, stated that this type of coal, which has already a consolidated market in the United States and much of Europe, begins to break into the country through supermarkets and butchers. In addition to the environmental factor (reduces the emission of carbon dioxide CO2) the product promises higher performance and better pricing.

The plant, located between the 8th and 9th ring on Beni Avenue, uses the material that comes from pruning in Santa Cruz, but separates the remains of palm because it is very difficult to press the fiber down.

On production capacity, explained that currently reach four tons a week, about 20 a month, but if demand increases, can double the volume. Besides the ecological coal, produce firewood (2 kilos give 45 to 60 minutes of heat and embers or sparks).


In Bolivia, the bag of charcoal is sold by volume (2.5 to 3 kg) in Bs15 or 20, but the origin of the wood is unknown. Carlos Antelo, sales manager of Eco-K International SRL, said they standardize the product and that all bags are weighing more than 3 kg, because, due to moisture, the briquette loses weight. It sells the bag at Bs15 in seven butchers and supermarkets.

On potential markets, Carrasco revealed that they want to reach Tarija, Beni and La Paz. In Tarija 3 kg bag is priced at Bs19 and 20; in La Paz, Bs35 and now in Beni is between Bs28 and 30.

Also, the company has done some research for export to Chile, Peru and the US. At the Cainco Business Roundtable, got a contact with an Argentinian company interested in bringing ecological coal to St. Petersburg (Russia).

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