Current Bolivian president is the champ of the 47% of Bolivians that never or hardly ever read

Pagina Siete reports about the lack of the ability to read, to learn and certainly, those who recognize they don’t like to read are the worst of their kind when they perform public duties, as we deserve the best possible. Remember what current Bolivia president said? no wonder he is the top of the ruling and transient ochlocracy.


47% of Bolivians never or hardly ever read

2014-09-08 07.58.37 amIn Bolivia, 47% of people “never or hardly ever” read for professional or educational purposes. Socioeconomic and educational level of a person influence their practice of reading or studying labor issues, according to a survey conducted in 16 countries of Latin America, measuring cultural consumption of citizens.

“The middle classes and especially the higher socioeconomic classes concentrate higher percentage of educated people of middle or higher rate, and usually perform jobs that require higher qualifications. It is not surprising, therefore, that this group performs tasks in which the reading is more frequent than among those others from vulnerable socioeconomic classes, whose jobs require a lesser degree of professional qualification” reflects the Latin American Survey on Cultural Habits and Practices 2013, developed by the Organization of Iberoamerican States for practice of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Other data also shows that in Bolivia each person reads 3.7 books annually on average, compared with 6 books in Mexico and 5.4 in Uruguay, followed by Argentina, Colombia and Brazil with a little more than 4 books per year. In Latin America, an average of 3.6 books per year is read.

The information, collected by the Digital Newspaper Research Bolivia (PIEB) notes that in the country 21% of people questioned have read in the last month; 6% in the last quarter; another 6% in the last year and 13% over a year ago by professional and / or educational purposes.

Compared to these responses may be mentioned that in Chile the reading is less: people say 11% they have read in the last month, 6% in the last quarter, 5% in the last year and 12% states that they have read for professional reasons over a year ago.

In contrast, 43% of people in Bolivia admitted that “never or hardly ever” read for leisure or personal interest. In the categories of reading in the past year, Mexico, Costa Rica and Uruguay are in the lead in rates regional reading, if it is to read more often.

Yesterday, September 8 was the International Literacy Day 2014:

2014-09-08 08.45.32 am

So, if you are a Bolivian, reading this, please try to encourage lecture to another Bolivian, lets go help ourselves, we deserve better!

If your eyes get tired or do not help, use the audio books, or read them on your computer or even in your cell phone, enlarging the font to your need…. there is no excuse NOT to read… only ochlocrats like current coca-grower ruler acknowledge they don’t like to read… and later on they say “I didn’t know, I wasn’t informer, I am learning…” and a bunch of other excuses, despite being in the top most responsible job of a nation for the last nice years… excuse we certainly do not need!

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