Mentisan and Paceña, are Bolivian “emblems” exported to twelve countries

Gabriel Diez reports for Pagina Siete:


Mentisan and Paceña, “emblems” exported to twelve countries

Yearly Paceña exported 30,000 cases of beer; and Inti six million units of Mentisan.

2014-09-09 07.49.57 amThe famous Chilean restaurant menu Bar The Clinic, located on the plaza Ñuñoa, Santiago de Chile, includes among its international offer: Paceña beer.

Over there, where the circuit of bars, restaurants and cultural centers prevail, the drink of Bolivian origin appears on the menu of that bar, in brackets, the name of Bolivia, at a cost of 2,200 Chilean pesos (26 bolivianos).

Just as Chile, Argentina, Japan and Spain, among the main destinations where the product arrives – there are loyal consumers of the product, which has 127 years of history and is considered a “symbol” of domestic production.

“We are proud to know that discerning consumers in other countries choose to experience our brand in a special union with a variety of dishes of international cuisine,” says Marketing Manager of Cervecería Boliviana Nacional (CBN), Cristina Montilla.

2014-09-09 07.41.41 amAnother “Bolivian Emblem” has export mint fragrance and medicinal eucalyptus, and is used as an ointment to relieve symptoms of cold and flu: the Mentisan.

Drogueria INTI, CEO Christian Schilling, has no doubt in highlight this product as “emblematic of excellence” because he says wherever there is a Bolivian, there is a Mentisan.

“It’s a product that people carry in their luggage, or is sent to the place where he lives. No matter the distance nor the socio-economic strata, Mentisan is all and for all” remarks.

2014-09-09 07.59.01 amThe formula was invented by the grandfather of Christian, Ernest Schilling, back in 1937, positioned the name of Bolivia in different capitals of the world. Paraguay, Germany, Spain, China, Peru, United States, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, France and Italy are the main markets of the “miracle” ointment.

2014-09-09 07.50.18 amAs curator Mentisan increases its fame, the delights of Paceña are increasingly discerning diners in the four corners of the globe. Montilla said that while the canned version is more versatile Paceña for export, there is great demand for bottled products.

“In other parts of the world, they also enjoy Paceña Pico de Oro, a refined, elegant, smooth and easy beer to drink, and Paceña Black and Paceña Ice” he says.

Currently, Paceña exports, according to information provided by Montilla, 30,000 cases per year. According to data from the CBN, this company is aware of market changes and trends.

Alliances with “formal distributors” guarantee you that this product maintains its prestige when being applied in international tables.

The classic green can of Mentisan replicates in an approximate number of six million order to supply the market that won the world through the years.

This successful product and synonym of Bolivia went to Mount Everest, Nepal in 1998, when Bolivian climber Bernardo Guarachi then told that when he reached the top he did not missed two important things in his luggage: his Bible and his can of Mentisan.

“It left my skin like one of a child, it also helped me to breathe and open the nostrils when I was without oxygen. Helped me ensure my health,” said Guarachi, the only Bolivian climber who managed the feat.

Many are the products that Bolivia gave to the world, but few as Paceña and Mentisan that managed to get established through the years, despite various historical circumstances good or bad.

To position itself as an elite beer, endorses Bolivian Paceña as “ambassador” in the world. History of Bolivian families undoubtedly have in a sheet written a chapter that follows mint and eucalyptus fragrance with the word Mentisan.

Like Paceña, the same could be said for Mentisan.

My wife, for example, is one of the consumers whose loyal to this product and would not change it.

To summarize I would say that a consumer product develops loyalty when it satisfies the need that it has. We would not just say in terms of taste, with respect to Paceña, or regarding curing about Mentisan but involves a question of trust.

It has to do also with even psychological issues in regard to Mentisan and Paceña; satisfaction not only by taste, but by the emotion and feeling that is associated with their consumption.

No wonder they reach everyone because they are emblematic products that also have earned praise not only by the consumer but through international awards. That speaks highly of their quality. It would not surprise me that tomorrow they are better positioned in a global world where information goes fast.

This is what entrepreneurial activity is all about! Kudos to CBN and Drogueria Inti!

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