Bolivian History 101: Brazil occupies Bolivian Acre territory!

Luis S. Crespo writes in El Diario, March 20, 1928:

Brazil occupies Bolivia’s Acre

Luis S CrespoThe vanguard of the military expedition sent from Rio de Janeiro to invade the Acre, a command under Major Agostinho Gomes Raimundo Castro, occupied and took official possession of the barraca [farm] “Empresa”, obeying the orders and instructions of the Government of the Republic of Brazil.

To the message [Circular] of Baron of Rio Branco continued the sending of a military force to Acre.

Already knowing the news that the president of Bolivia, General Jose Manuel Pando, was placed at the head of the expeditionary forces to the Acre, the Baron of Rio Branco, Foreign Minister of Brazil, threw his famous Circular telegraph, stating a litigious zone in the Bolivian territory and announcing that the president of Brazil had decided to concentrate troops in neighboring states Mattogrosso and Amazon.

Then, Brazil organized a military expedition under the command of Gen. Olympio Sylveira who rushed to the Acre.


Bolivia original sizeThe vanguard of the expedition to the orders of Agostinho Gomes Raimundo Castro, invaded the Acre, which took place on a day like today, with the following official record.

“Camp site of the Acre Expedition, on the twentieth day of March nineteen hundred and three, fifteenth of the proclamation of the Republic of Brazil, in the presence of the leader of the expedition of the Army Agostinho Gomes Raimundo Castro, his assistant ensign 30th infantry Battalion, Juan Alvares de Azevedo Costa, medical lieutenant in the same issue of Body health gives Dr. Emilio Pedro Gomes da Silva, the revolutionary Colonel Moreira Hippolytus, the greater also revolutionary Alfredo de Mello e Paiva and several other Brazilian citizens, was hoisted the national flag in front of Miguel Cunha’s shack [barraca], located in Empresa, which was intended to serve as headquarters of the commander of the expeditionary column as an official act of occupation and following orders and instructions of the Government of the Republic of Brazil, generally transmitted to Mr. Antonio Alympio da Silveira, commander of the expedition. In witness whereof this certificate, is signed by the officers and citizens who attend the event” is raised.


With this occupation, Brazil, or rather, the famous Baron of Rio Branco, took away from Bolivia a part of its territory, canceling treaties, unaware of the principles of international law guaranteeing the independence and sovereignty, and put under the protection of the Brazilian flag to the insurgents and filibusters of Acre, who had conspired against the territorial integrity of Bolivia.

Source: El Diario, March 20, 1928.

Brazil turned out to be a strong nation… if we look back at the “Tordesillas” treaty between the realms of Spain and Portugal… and to witness how tiny they were and how large they became, it just infuriates me! First, the Spaniards did nothing and neither did we to preserve our territory as can be seen in the map above.

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