Bolivian dentist ingenuity helps children with Down syndrome!

Veronica Zapana reports for Pagina Siete:


Toothbrushes for children with Down syndrome were created

2014-03-20 08.20.00 amThese instruments are made from recycled materials to help children be independent.

A pediatric dentist introduced innovations with materials and accessories for mouth care, for children with Down syndrome, to help them  manage to be independent and self-sufficient.

The tools are specifically designed to support the motor development of small children.

According to the pediatrician at Children’s Hospital, dentist Johnny Pérez, children with Down syndrome have hypotonicity or alterations in muscle tone, which causes the body’s muscles to become languid.

He explained that the hands of these children are special: square and broad, with short, thick fingers, and they have the thumbs down, making it difficult to the child to sustain a conventional toothbrush and makes him needing help with the oral hygiene.

Now these children can become more independent in oral hygiene, because the dentist created with materials and toothbrushes consistent with the needs of children with Down syndrome.

Recycled materials

“The brushes I have made ​​with balls of physiotherapy, with handles of jump ropes, with handles bicycle, among other materials. Thing I did was stick them at the toothbrush so that the child can hold this implement,” explained the specialist.

He stressed that his proposal is easy to implement and at a very low-cost. With this cleaning instrument, the child will no longer need someone to wash his teeth. “He will be independent and self-sufficient,” he said.

Pérez also adapted dental rinses, for these children, in sprays. “In other countries there are special mouthwashes and are expensive, but here are adapted for families to avoid extra expenses,” he said.

He added that it is necessary that these children made ​​a permanent oral hygiene, because their dental system is also particular. “Dental abnormalities are the missing teeth, small or misshapen teeth. Moreover, due to poor cleaning are likely to have herpes and fungi,” he said.


Next week the professional, with nine other doctors, is organizing a seminar for doctors and parents of children with Down syndrome.

The event aims to parents or guardians to quickly identify diseases and also help their children become more independent.

The course program will join the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day on Friday March 21.

Kudos to Dr. Johnny Perez and his colleagues, you made us proud!! I welcome you to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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