Does Bolivia have sound public spending priorities under current ochlocratic gov?!

Roberto Ortiz writes in El Dia:

Priorities in public spending

Roberto OrtizThe State takes coercively by a legal theft called “tax” the resources of the taxpayer which are intended for the budget of the nation along with other incomes that are not precisely mentioned now. The State is already supposedly forced to redistribute this “income” – in theory its clear. These taxes should be used to pay civil servants and other administrative expenses, but above all should be spent on security, health, education and roads.

This budget has increased by six times since the current Government is in power, which generates a strong question. Have the roads, education, health and security in the country increased by six times? The answer is very clear and the Bolivians live it day after day, when Government spends the general budget of the nation in bonds that do not really provide the real trades of a Government, but rather are to buy votes.

We live them, when we see that stadiums and markets which comply with promises of demagogues speeches but that fail to function in the community where they were built. Also live them, when we see that Bs80 thousand are spent to paint a mural in Sucre with the face of President Evo Morales and other many thousands of Bolivians [is the Bolivian currency, Bs] to build a statue of the former President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez in Riberalta.

It is valid to stress that the same week that the statue mentioned previously was inaugurated, a small plane was consumed in flames taking along several lives with it, which could have been avoided if the airport – which is managed by the public sector – would have had an ambulance. [and a firefighter car]

Finally we live so when we see how twenty public companies inefficiently squander our resources to get red numbers in their income statements.

It is very clear that the priorities of the Government for spending are completely contrary to the welfare and development of our country. Rather these expenditures have the sole purpose of controlling the economy and make the Bolivians to be State dependents.

As well as the renowned French economist Frédéric Bastiat said: “everyone wants to live at the expense of the State and they forget that the State wants to live at the expense of everyone”.–el-gasto-publico-&cat=162&pla=3&id_articulo=131602

Great article that depicts current ruling ochlocracy, say NO to the illegitimate re-re-election!

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