Bolivian Mauricio Rodriguez wins El Pais newspaper competition

Anahi Cazas reports for Pagina Siete:

The Spanish newspaper published a story about black October

Bolivian Mauricio Rodríguez wins El Pais newspaper competition

LITERATURE: The Jilana story was one of the selected 45 between 2,200 proposals from artists around the world who were evaluated by the jury of the Spanish newspaper.

2013-07-29 07.21.31 amThe history of a La Paz young man who embarks on a journey in search of love during the days of black October conquered the jury that evaluated 2,200 proposals submitted by authors from around the world in the competition “Talent search”, which launched the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

The story was written by the La Paz author Mauricio Rodríguez Medrano, who was one of the 45 winners of this contest.

An interview with Rodriguez by journalists of the cultural section of El País and the work will be published in the coming days in the print and digital edition of this Spanish media.

But… what captivated the jury for choosing this tale? “I think that they liked the story because it deals with a subject of universal character which is the process of arrival to the maturity of a person,” said Rodriguez yesterday to Pagina Siete.

The work bears the title Jilana, which is an Aymara word that means “mature”. “I have sent the story three months ago. And four days ago a journalist of the newspaper El País communicated with me to inform me that I have been selected. I am very happy for the opportunity, but especially because people from various countries of the world will know my work”, said.

Rodríguez studied literature at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and the book of short stories published in 2010 “Autumn days”, edited by New Millennium.

“Seeks talent” is a project promoted by the El Pais for the last 12 months. It is characterized by summoning artists from different areas, such as literature, art, music, film, cartoon, and others.

Among other 45 elected talents are the Paraguayan composer Fran Villalba Greco, the Spanish artist Gala Knörr, Natalia Iriarte Colombian photographer and Tenerife’s poet Agustín Hernández Díaz.

A love story in 2003

“The tale tells the story of a boy who decides to travel to the highlands in search of love and ultimately discovers that this search is a learning process to mature,” said Rodriguez.

According to the author, everything takes place in the context of the “gas war” in 2003, when thousands of people of El Alto and La Paz rose up against former President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada. In addition, the play deals with some myths and legends of Bolivia.

El País began publishing a daily interview with each of the 45 winners from July 15 in its cultural section. Publications highlights the features of the work of the authors.

“The 2013 talents will be one of the key sections of the country paper and on the website of the special program for the Summer Magazine, which starts July 15 and will have until August 31st”, said the newspaper.

I welcome Mauricio Rodriguez to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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