Bolivian National Emblem under jeopardy: Cerro Rico of Potosi

Escudo NacionalBolivians look almost daily at the Cerro Rico de Potosi (rich mountain) in our code of arms, in our coins… yet very few of us realize that this national emblem can be lost…

ANF reports and printed in La Opinion:

THE CONTRACTED COMPANY HAS NINE MONTHS TO WORK. The Government already disbursed Bs10 million for the project

Slow advances in the rehabilitation of the Cerro Rico of Potosi

2013-05-03 09.49.35 amThe rehabilitation works of the Cerro Rico de Potosi are moving, ensures the Ministry of Mines and reminds that the State has already disbursed Bs10 million as an advance.

The contracted company QyQ has nine months to conclude the work, three months are already gone but, in terms of cost, there are still remaining Bs6 million undisbursed. The Government requires agility, with rainy season in the verge, it will be riskier to move forward in those works.

The top of the Cerro Rico with be filled with lightened concrete, the filling is made to avoid risks of heavy weight that can cause more landslides, said the spokesman for the Ministry of Mines, Percy Durán.

Also stressed the importance for these works that the mining cooperative Poroporo left the area, thus giving more space for the company to perform works that will prevent major landslides.

Duran acknowledged that QyQ is delayed at work, but ensures that the Government asked for speed and greater efficiency in the works. [I wish current government would have more timely supervision, to avoid the rainy season and to regulate mining operations, for once and for all!!]

The Government expected that the contractor meets contract deadlines and, at the end of the nine months, deliver the completed works.

Since 2009, it was reported the danger of collapse of the top of the Centennial site of silver and World Heritage, as declared by UNESCO.

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