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Innovation in Bolivia receives support from Fundacion Maya

From Pagina Siete:

Maya Foundation

40 projects were selected in the competition Innova Bolivia

2013-05-09 08.18.26 amAfter a thorough evaluation process, 40 projects were selected for the competition Innova Bolivia [Bolivia innovates] 2012-2103, which aimed at students and teachers of universities, both State and private of the country, in order to promote innovative and technological strategies to implement new companies.

The Maya Foundation, creator of entrepreneurship, that of the total classified, reported yesterday that 19 correspond to groups from the city of La Paz.

Designers, supported by researchers in the selected 40 projects, received training of technicians of the nonprofit foundation.

La Paz selected strategies include the company that obtain and control natural extracts, resistant starch and polyphenols content associated with fiber, Manzanillex, probable new varieties of potato production, and production of Ferpap and Divierte-Tech.

The Foundation, directed by Jorge Velasco, launched the contest in August of last year, will give to the list of the 18 winners on May 22. One of the prizes is the visit to the premises of the headquarters of the company Microsoft, United States, and incentives in products and economic capital.


Great and needed support to Bolivian entrepreneurs! In order to close the gap with other economies, we need innovation and competitiveness! I tried to open Fundacion Maya’s website but unfortunately is under construction…