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Bolivian boxer, Jennifer Salinas will fight for the world title in Santa Cruz!!

From El Deber:

She already has dual nationality

2013-05-06 09.19.07 amBoxer Jennifer Salinas, who will fight for the world title for the category featherweight in August in Santa Cruz, already boasts the Bolivian nationality. The athlete, known in the field of boxing, is the daughter of Bolivian father and American mother; she was born in the United States, but since very young she came to Santa Cruz, where she lived until the age of 15 and then returned to the country from the North.

In addition to make official that her fight for the title will be in the Santa Cruz capital, Salinas was in the country to complete her naturalization process. “I am happy because I already have my dual citizenship papers. Although I have always said that I am Bolivian”, said the boxer, who on Tuesday returned to Washington (United States), to meet with her family and continue her workouts.

According to the planning of Salinas, part of their preparation will be in the United States under the command of here trainer, Craig Fladeger, and a month before the world duel will come to the country to complete her training and at the same time promote the fight.

On the other hand, on Monday will arrive at Santa Cruz, Jennifer’s manager, Luigi Olcese, to meet with Obras (event organizer) and define some issues, including the possible scenarios. Tahuichi stadium is the first choice.


I wish her success!! It is a shame that the central government’s promises, were just that… as always, unfulfilled, demagogue promises of cheap politicians.

Jennifer knows and deserves better, she doesn’t need to be immersed in cheap politics to the benefit of a few. She will have a strong support from Santa Cruz people and the arena will be filled with her fans!