TIPNIS under fire!! government signed contract to re-start phase I of the road…

Unfortunately, our TIPNIS’ national park and Isiboro Secure indigenous territory, continues to be in jeopardy! so much for the self-named protectors of mother earth…

Juan Carlos Veliz writes for Pagina Siete:

Indigenous people say the Government seeks to fulfill a campaign promise

Evo resumes construction of the section I of the route through the TIPNIS

FACT the head of State yesterday signed a contract with two national companies for the construction of the section I of Villa Tunari to Isinuta, which has an extension of 47 km.

The Government resumed the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road, in the section I of the road. The indigenous people of the TIPNIS said that this shows that the Government is desperate to fulfill a campaign promise.

President Evo Morales yesterday signed the contract for construction of the section I of this road project, which has 47 kilometres from Villa Tunari to Isinuta.

AMBI and PBC Bolivian construction companies are responsible for building this route that connects with the second tranche that will cross the TIPNIS.

President Morales said yesterday that the project will have a cost of $32.5 million.

“As of this moment there are deadlines for the construction of the road, it is not a problem of money, funding is guaranteed.” “Will now be the responsibility of the two companies to demonstrate their work as Bolivian companies,” announced the President at an event in Villa Tunari, Cochabamba.

The construction of the Villa Tunari-Isinuta path was paralyzed by the rupture of the contract with the Brazilian company OAS in April this year, but already has developments such as laying and expansion of the platform of the road, and the construction of the Isinuta bridge pillars.

For the indigenous Peoples of the TIPNIS, the construction of the section I stands for the reactivation of the road project that aims to pass through the heart of the National Park and indigenous territory.

Emilio Noza, President of the sub-central TIPNIS, said yesterday [October 5, 2012] in a statement to Pagina Siete that “this is a maneuver of the Government in a purpose to do the road by force, once the query failed because the Government brigades could not reach all communities”.

It also considered that President Morales “has to do Yes or Yes this road because it is certainly a commitment to coca growers;” “that is why he insists with the section I and now surely will begin with the III segment and continue with the section II”.

The indigenous people are opposed to the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road because it will affect the ecosystem of the Park and the three indigenous Peoples’ groups living in the place.

However, the Government insists that this road is essential for the integration of the Bolivian Amazon with the Valley and the Andean zone.

President Morales said yesterday that there is no major problem in the construction of this road section because it is not required to consult as currently happens in the section II, Isinuta to Montegrande.

He said that this route will be completed within a maximum of one year and recommended that the two national companies to “mobilize and work” for the completion of the road project.

45 communities accept, said Evo

President Evo Morales said yesterday that at least two-thirds of the 69 communities of the indigenous territory and National Park Isiboro Secure (TIPNIS) rejected the Law 108, on the inviolability of this natural reserve which prohibits work in that region, within the framework of the consultation process by the Government for the construction of a road, reported yesterday the Agency ABI.

Morales explained that 46 communities consulted so far in the Park Isiboro Sécure spoke out against the end of intangibility and 45 approved the construction of the section II of the Villa Tunari – San Ignacio de Moxos road within the indigenous territory.

“The latest data we have from the query inside the TIPNIS, today we have come to refer to 46 communities;” “45 of the 46 communities, say yes to the road, 46 say no to the end of intangibility, is more than two-thirds”, stated, in the signing of contract for the construction of the Villa Tunari-Isinuta section, in the tropics of Cochabamba.

Only the San Miguelito community raised to find alternate routes for the construction of the section II of the road Villa Tunari – San Ignacio de Moxos and not go through the TIPNIS.

The consultation aims to define if the TIPNIS is maintained as intangible territory and achieve the consent for the construction of the highway through the middle of the Park.


I remember reading long time ago about road construction in the US, leading to ‘no-where’ with the time they were extended further as the economic activity expanded… so, with this phase I underway, chances are that it will cause a great damage to the environment. And it is a lame attempt and vicious move, as over the log-run, if the phase II is not build soon, it will take place sooner or later, fulfilling the “yes or yes, it will be done… presidential speech”

Government FAILS to understand that the TIPNIS is recognized by our Constitution as a NATIONAL PARK and also as an indigenous territory! The threat and potential negative impact towards OUR TIPNIS is underway…

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