Eddy Navia, first Bolivian nominee to a Grammy!!!

This is an excellent recognition of this World Class artist!! I still have his old recording on classical music, before he was in Savia Andina, his “charango” [small type guitar from Bolivia] always captivated his audience, whereas performing the classical authors, folklore and now this!!

Anahi Cazas writes for Pagina Siete:

The “potosino” [person from Potosi, Bolivia] competes in the category of best Folklore Album.

Eddy Navia, first Bolivian nominated for Grammy

FEATURED musician, one of the founders of Savia Andina, reached the nomination by his “Piano & amp; Charango” album, which blends Bolivian rhythms with Latin jazz.

With a music album that combines Bolivian rhythms and sounds of jazz, ‘charanguista’ Eddy Navia was nominated for the 2012 Latin Grammy in the category Best Album of Folklore. The production that has given him this good news is titled Piano & amp; Charango and counts with the collaboration of the Cuban musician Dionisio de Jesus Chuchito Valdes.

“A few days ago I received a call in which warned me that I was among the nominees for the Grammy,” he told Navia to Pagina Siete. The composer and ‘potosino’ charango-player, residing in the United States since 1995, is also one of the founders of the Savia Andina group.

Excited, Navia said to be the first Bolivian musician nominated for the Grammy. “For me is a real honor being the first musician in the country who opts for this award.” “This is an opportunity to show the rich folk of our country,” said the musician.

Each year the Latin GRAMMYs recognize artistic and technical excellence in the arts and music science. It is an award of prestige in the United States.

The “Piano & amp; Charango” album has ten tracks and was presented earlier this year. “It’s a combination of Bolivian rhythms with a touch of Latin jazz.” In addition, has a Caribbean air. “Most of the topics are my own compositions with Valdes arrangements,” he told.

The process of creating the album lasted almost a year because Valdes lives in another country. Both musicians recorded the album in their available time. “The rhythms we use were huaynos, cuecas, sicureadas, tobas, pasacalle and Vallegrande theme.” “The album also feeds with Caribbean rhythms,” he explained.

The production was conceived in the Pachamama Cultural Center, in San Francisco, California. The space is run by Navia, who in recent years has been dedicated to promote the Bolivian music.

On his adventure companion, Navia said that Valdes is a renowned Cuban jazz pianist. He is the founder of the Group Irakere and since 1979, he has won four Grammy Awards. “Chuchito came several times to play in our local, it was here where a great friendship was developed and where this project started.”

Navia and Valdés compete with artists such as Luciano Pereyra (Argentina), Lila Downs (Mexico), Reynaldo Armas (Venezuela), Eva Ayllón (Peru) and Inti-Illimani Historico (Chile).

The musician awaits for the event. “This is a real honor.” “At the same time I am committed to work hard to put Bolivian folklore in the place that corresponds,” he said.


Congratualtions Eddy Navia!! You made us all proud!! The Hall of Bolivian Fame welcomes you!!

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