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Current Bolivian president and the Global Economy

This is an important reflection on how current politician in power believes the world is made off,  Pagina Siete’s editorial:

Evo Morales and the global economy

The statements of President Evo Morales who claims, regarding the economic crisis that exists in United States and Europe clearly reveal the conception that he has about the world economy, its operation and its results. The President said: “since they are no longer stealing from us, they are not looting us, then there is a crisis in the capitalist countries, or Europeans and we are lifting us”.

They are simple but at the same time incorrect concepts. The beginning of the 21st century global economy works as a whole and is not based on “theft or looting”. To a greater or lesser extent actions such as these (“looting”) have marked the history of the world, but its presence or absence do not explain the decline of the world economy today.

The current boom in Latin America, in general, and of Bolivia, in particular, is not a result that the continent and the country are “getting up” or develop their economies as the exclusive result of the policies and actions that run their Governments. These policies explain only part of the current boom. The main reason are the high prices Bolivia charges for its gas and minerals, major sources of export and income of the Treasury.

The complexity of the world economic relations can not be summarized in desires, wishes or whims of the industrialized countries. Even less in a globalized world in which each society is both a complex and interrelated with the other countries. They are not the millions of unemployed in the industrialized world, for example, that want to or no longer want small countries to develop. The history of humankind is not controlled by an individual, social class, or a single State. They may influence on it but are not in a definitive and unambiguous way.

The President believes that the powers “are very afraid” to that “some countries of Latin America, including Bolivia” are starting to be released. Again, the complexity of economic relations in the world is so strong that drives, for example, to the growth of China (thanks in part to foreign investment) while this country becomes a new power that threatens the prevailing powers (where the investments mentioned come from).

The desire of the President is commendable that Bolivians will reach better days and that obviously hoped that the process of change contributes to this process (and in part is true). However, realistically, the indices of development in Bolivia still, comparatively, are at very low levels with regard to the countries of the region; and our economy is so small it is very far away from being a threat to any country.


After reading this editorial, you can ‘try’ to understand current Bolivian president’s behavior… and decide if that helps or undermines our lives and those of our grandchildren… we don’t need smoking mirrors, we need to create sustainable employment, lift our self-esteem and move forward!