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Bolivian corn producers set goals; great, keep on producing!!

Ismael Luna Acevedo writes for El Dia:

In the national day of corn made in ‘Sagrado Corazon’

‘Maiceros’ set goals to produce 9 tons per hectare

Day. The field day had demonstration, stands and a diversified supply

The producers of corn [‘maiceros’] of the Department [Santa Cruz] and the country reaffirmed yesterday in the national day of this product, held in the northern town of Sagrado Corazon (municipality of San Pedro), its intention to overcome the yields in the agricultural fields with an output of 9 tons per hectare on average. It currently ranges from 4 to 6.

However, globally, the yields per cultivated hectare repay up to 12 tons as in United States, Brazil and Argentina. [fine, as long as we have an upward trend, for that to happen Bolivia needs land tenure security and property rights are well-defined as well as lift on all export bans of what we produce!]

“Making a good management of the fall armyworm and a proper fertilization control, nine tons per hectare can be achieved.” “We have experience and seeds 5130, which already has those yields,” said Alejandro Blaquez, expert in the field and Manager of SemWest.

An alternative crop. In the quotation, this grain producers expressed that the corn crop has increased in recent years, becoming an “alternative crop” to soy. “So far we are satisfied, not so much because this fair but that production has increased in the region”. “Before were few, now overcome with 30 thousand hectares of corn production,” said Freddy Colque, bulk producer and Deputy Mayor of Sagrado Corazon.

The sector requested; However, a more aggressive policy of the Government, to emphasize exporting.

The support of CIAT. According to Pura Paz, head of unit for monitoring of CIAT, while production has dropped in recent months as a result of the rains in the summer harvest, the challenge of the five thousand producers aims to improve their production levels without affecting the established agricultural frontier. “The producers of corn are also producers of soy.” “They, periodically, to give sustainability to the soil what they do is crop rotation”, said.

According to the experts on the subject, the larger product does crop rotation, which is done more to cut the “cycle of rust” in the soy bean. “The goodness of our soil is that not only produces two times a year but have to diversify production” said Benedicto Zurita, Mayor of San Pedro.


With the support of the Center of Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Experiences. About 50 exhibitors from seed, agricultural machinery, supplies, chemicals and technical assistance providers came together to offer the producer the best instruments.

Seeds. In the 20 demonstration plots, there were hybrids and varieties of corn, genetically improved in Bolivia, in the town of Sagrado Corazon. Some companies say they are exporting.