Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

Is Bolivia going on the right foot??!

Certainly NOT!!!

So far, not good at all… we continue to strive, to survive, despite the lack of clear public policies, incentive to private investing, creation of employment. On the other hand, narcotrafficking, smuggling, violent take overs and chaos and anarchy seem to rule, even more when the one elected abandons the country on some boondoggle…

These are a few cartoons that reflect our current political, economic life..,

This is from La Razon, September 13, 2012:

La Paz has become a violent ring where miners from a state-owned company fought, literally -one dead-against the ones from cooperatives, over the control of Colquiri’s richest site. While the citizens and tourists in La Paz had to cope with them…

This is from La Razon, September 18, 2012:

Lots of coca leaves and a caterpillar saying:

“we are doing our job of eradicating illegal coca!”

No matter how you put it, the cocaine industry is bringing lots of dead people in our streets and roads. Just this past week, there was a car chase with firing back and forth… unseen before in our country… chase ended up in the person being killed while attempting scape, in a car accident. Money laundering, corruption and violence is the net worth out of the intensive narcotrafficking in Bolivia.

There are news that say ‘new’ processing tech generates more cocaine out of coca leaves, than before… so, all the news about eradicating coca crops remain obsolete, the net drug going out is higher than ever before…

This is from El Diario, September 27, 2012:

“New Tourism Law, Bolivia waits for you. Culture Ministry”

around chaos… strikes, blockades and dynamite all over the place…

So, who would come under these circumstances? only people who have relatives, family or friends, the rest… the large majority, the tourists with more income to spare… will certainly not come… not like this…

This is from El Diario, September 28, 2012:

Two people having a conversation:

person A: “.. the ‘Evo’ declared at ‘CNN” from USA… that he does not know who ordered the ‘beating’ in Chaparina, nor do his ministers!…”

person B: “if he, doesn’t know… maybe the ones who know are his Syrian, Irani, Libyan advisors, or anyone!”

That was how our September looked-like…