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The Bs to the US dollar exchange rate should remain as is

The Fundacion Milenio has important information, that should serve for our exporters, people who receive remittances and to try to keep a ‘stable’ Bolivian economy, regardless of political preferences…

ABI reports:

Milenio affirms that Bolivia has sufficient resources to keep a stable exchange rate

The Economist and researcher of the Millennium Foundation, José Luis Evia, said on Friday that the net international reserves (RIN), which has the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), are sufficient to maintain the stable exchange rate in the country, in the short and medium term.

“Domestically there is a significant amount of reserves.” The Central Bank has a significant amount of reserves. “Bolivia has enough resources to maintain stable exchange rate in the immediate future and in the medium term,” said in a contact with journalists.

According to official sources, the RIN rose in September 19, to $13 billion.

Evia explained that the restrictions that exist in Argentina, for the purchase and sale of dollars, does not affect Bolivia, due to the resources which the country has accumulated over the past years.

He also reported that the international reserves held in the last months have a significant growth trend, driven by the positive context in the exports of natural gas to Brazil and Argentina.

Similarly, it was considered that the accumulation of external assets represents a ‘cushion’ of security that benefits the entire economy of the country.