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Bolivian youth 101: A needed reflection!

This article exposes most of our youth’s fears, challenges, lack of them… Fernanda Tejada Levy writes for La Prensa and certainly must be a subject for reflection… not only for our Bolivian youth, wherever they may be, but for all of us!

Garbage for many, treasure of few

Stuck in my mind a phrase I read in a newspaper a few days ago: “MOM, I got bad grades and I’m going…”. During the last three weeks, it was reported about the flight of at least 133 adolescents who, for fear of the materialization of the warnings presented by family members with respect to the consequences that would bring their bad grades, fled home to see that already nothing can be done to remedy their lousy school performance. The authorities were concerned about the methods that parents use to achieve the obedience of the children and established that they need to let them know that they should not be exposed to situations of risk, when for some reason they are dropping out of school.

No… the reason for my outrage not revolves around the provisions of the preceding lines. Let me explain.

Thousands of miles from here, is struggling to survive, a pakistani girl of 14 years, wounded gunshot by a group of taliban fighters (movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, ally of Al Qaeda) due to her struggle to achieve that women in her country have access to education… is Malala Yousafzai. How it is possible that while a girl in the effort to improve their quality of life, overcome and perhaps even of trying to change their reality, expressing her ideology, has managed to be the target of inhuman attacks;?! unlike others do, choosing the easy way and following the law of minimal effort, driven (if worth be the use of the word driven: force that produces motion) for the lazy, the carelessness and the ‘partying’ that today can be seen as victims and get to make the news? I cannot imagine the idea of some exposing their lives, being able to sacrifice their existence in their quest to achieve a so primordial right, a right that belongs to them; while others are not even interested in leveraging the power and potential of education that is provided.

If we follow what was established by the regional director of the United Nations for development, Heraldo Muñoz, who defined young people as those who promote our future, then we are in serious trouble.

Education holds a great treasure, and young people in the country do not seem to realize the potential of the tools that provides them access to information and knowledge. They seem not to appreciate what is missed by others. The entire development process is supported in education. Now theres is the time to open our eyes. Leave aside our tendency to want to self-victimize, wanting to arouse feelings of pity in others… everything starts with oneself, is time to act, to build… to do. Let us not allow that the suffering of Malala has been in vain. Let us make her experience to serve as inspiration not only for young people but for all Bolivians.

“The beliefs have the power to create and destroy.” “Human beings have the ability to take an experience and create a destructive meaning or be saved” (Anthony Robbins).


Thank you Fernanda for a much-needed reflection! I am filing this article under our Bolivia 101: The Basics!!