Santa Cruz stands and Bolivia expects… will current gov reflect?

At last, the only remaining elected Governor in office, spoke to the whole country. Ruben Costas’ speech ended with “Viva mi patria Bolivia” a song which is like a second Anthem nationwide, in a clear allusion that elected officials must remain in office and not be “pushed” out with blunt excuses. Lets remember the Governor of Pando is in jail, without a trial. The Beni governor was forced to resign. Tarija governor sought political asylum in Paraguay.

Bolivia is defending its democracy and in Santa Cruz, people are defending their right to seek autonomy, which benefits all Bolivians.

El Deber reports in its website:

Dressed in a white shirt and dark trousers, Costas is accompanied by his wife, leaders of other political parties including the former Governor of Beni, Ernesto Suárez Sattori, the highest representative of National Convergence, Samuel Doria Medina, in addition to Senators, congressmen, Council members and representatives of social organizations.

The President of the Civic Committee, Erland Vaca Díez, was also upfront, this Friday expressed his support to the Governor of the Department. While that happens in the heart of Santa Cruz, in the nearby streets people stayed, as the Plaza was crowded on its corners.

The common denominator of the concentration are the flags: green, white and green, as well as the national tricolor.

People of different social classes, ethnic groups, religion and culture are united by the green and white flags awaiting the presence of crucian leader. It was reported that in the next few minutes he will give a message to the citizens. Costas is accused for alleged embezzlement of Bs 10,000,000 for implementing the referendum for the autonomy statute. [which became part of current Constitution and current government’s creation of an Autonomy Ministry]

While waiting for the Governor, the afternoon is enlivened by regional music. Meanwhile, as time passes, supporters of Costas continue to arrive downtown.

So, current central government must think twice before continuing their political style… its getting outdated…

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