Tambo Quirquincho, Bolivian architectonic treasure

It is a beautiful building and worth preserving, despite recent “political ideology” that pushes to curse, ban and forget our identity. We cannot deny our western civilization culture, our mestizo heritage and majority of the Bolivian population.

La Prensa did a report on Tambo Quirquincho:

During the colonial era, the Museum hosted the indigenous traders.

Tambo Quirquincho is one of the mansions of oldest and most tradition of La Paz, where there is a Museum of Art.

In the first half of the 20th century, Tambo Quirquincho hosted merchants of fruits and agricultural products. In addition, it was a center of trade in tobacco, brandy and other spirits.

The work Oral History of the La Paz Neighborhoods, which was published by the Mayor office, noted Tambo Quirquincho belonged to the cacique Quirquincha, who controlled politically and economically the place even before the foundation of the city of La Paz.

Characteristics. According to the document, the mansion was built with stone, soil and adobe. Many times has received treatments of conservation with various materials to consolidate the property.

The functionality of the building accommodated the needs of the time. It started its activities as a space for the sale of agricultural products, became a local dance in Carnival and, later, became track skating, nursery and a kindergarten.

This cultural environment contains the history of emancipation from colonialism and still remains in some sectors, may be identified, such as the roof, the burning of the property by the blockade of Tupac Katari in 1781.

The research reveals that when the Spaniards settled after the foundation of La Paz, the number of inhabitants increased, and with them, the economy, which attracted travellers and traders, which made necessary spaces that offer accommodation and storage for the merchandise. Thus appeared the ‘tampus’ or ‘tambos’. The characteristics of the site allowed the establishment of a Museum, created on October 20, 1988.

Tambo Quirquincho, is located in the Evaristo Valle street, in the corner with Alonso de Mendoza plaza. Preserves the original structure that is characterized by walls of adobe that measure up to four meters high, doors and carved balconies. The stone arches were transferred from the Church of the Carmelites.

This former ‘mambo’ [Inn] and residence has become in recent years a civil architectural monument and one of the busiest in the La Paz museums.

The restoration. January 19, 1984, under the Presidency of Hernán Siles Zuazo, the Congress enacted the law 592 and ordered the Mayor to restore the site in tribute to its historical past that is linked with the origin of the city.

Actually, the students of the La Paz Workshop School, are working in the renovation of the cornices, gates and roofs of the historic property.

There will also be a manual stripping of paint applied on the façade.

According to officials councilmen, is not a comprehensive restoration work, because the original structure of the ancient building must be respected.


Tambo Quirquincho is an important part of and belongs to The Hall of Bolivian Fame

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