In Europe, there is demand for Bolivian products sponsored by Cainco

ANF report and published in Los Tiempos:

At least a dozen of European companies showed interest in participating actively in the Business Roundtable organized by the Chamber of industry, trade, services and tourism of Santa Cruz (Cainco) for next September, companies who enlisted in advance

Among these companies is IFAD Fruit S.A., originally from Belgium, whose field is the importation of dried fruit, and works with markets in countries of Turkey, Chile, Australia. According to reports of Cainco, this company is interested in finding new suppliers in Bolivia especially in dehydrated products such as pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, red pepper pate and dry fruit.

IFAD Fruit S.A. is one company which stimulates the first demands for products and services by European companies and companies that will participate in the Business Roundtable, whose inscriptions, with 20% discount until July 16, are still open for the event which will take place next September.

Other companies that were in contact with Cainco, from the old world, are AnyHelp specialist engineering and consultancy; Eurocom Broadcast in the area of professional television and broadcast; Holistic Innovation Institute, also in the telecommunications sector and development of digital television; in the area of construction, Manusa Door Systems and services; Pingon, in the sector of logistics; in the auxiliary company transport with the Cargo Express S.A.; with the SRM Consulting company in the area of new technologies among other services mapping and geographic information systems.

The international business Bolivia 2012 Conference, is held each year in September, but is prepared months in advance to receive the demands of foreign firms coming into the country to establish businesses with their Bolivian counterparts.

In addition to these companies, under the program to Invest IV, sponsored by Spain, is the participation of 25 foreign companies with the aim of finding buyers, suppliers and strategic partners in Bolivia.

It is expected that Bolivian companies should maximize their chances of doing business, carried out on time their Agendas, [before] the first closure of registration with discount of 20% which has been scheduled for this July 16.

The Bolivia International Business Roundtable organized by Cainco, brings together each year more than 1,000 companies from 19 countries, generating more than $157 million dollars in business intentions.

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