Yes YOU can!! ten successful Bolivian entrepreneurial stories

CEPB logoThe Confederation of Bolivian Private Entrepreneurs (CEPB), the Bolivian National Brewery (CBN) have promoted and endorsed the Fundación Pazos Kanki work. Which made those successful stories to be known by everybody; as reported by

“I promise that these ten stories are going to become the nine departments in 90 stories, we’re going to get together and mix with other entrepreneurs to support this kind of initiatives,” said the President of the Confederation of Bolivian Private Entrepreneurs (CEPB), Daniel Sánchez at the time of presenting the study: “popular entrepreneurs: ten stories of success”.

For the President of the CEPB, life stories that are reflected in the publication, should serve as an example to most Bolivians and committed efforts to promote more projects in the nine departments of the country.

This publication presents the life stories of Felipe Maldonado, Adolfo Arcani, Layda Núñez, Félix Quisbert, Gloria Encinas, Julio Aliaga, Ramón Prudencio, Manuel Sillerico, Edwin Mamani and Walter Fabian, who tell about their failures and victories, in the process of building their businesses. They highlight their careers, generally starting from the “bottom”; their achievements and growth of its entrepreneurial business spirit that allows them to move forward, overcoming barriers and adversities; their entrepreneurial vision, although not all of them considered “entrepreneurs” themselves; their efforts to make their dreams and illusions are highlighted.

In the opinion of Sánchez, the study does not reflect simple stories of success, fortune or random product. “What the testimonial stories reveal, are the economic and social mobility processes that have been maturing gradually and demanding personal sacrifices and a good dose of creativity and entrepreneurship by their protagonists,” said.

He added that the significance of the publication presented, consists of giving visibility to the new players of national development. “It is a sociological study that provides valuable elements for understanding one of the most important transformations of recent decades in Bolivia: the expansion of the popular middle-class and the emergence of a sector of emerging entrepreneurs, are gradually consolidated as an economic and social rising power”, remarked.

Sanchez said that the study also describes the type of problems and economic, political, legal and institutional obstacles that the ‘popular’ entrepreneurs must deal. He pointed out that the rulers and the country’s political and economic leaders, would do well to take note of such barriers to facilitate measures to help improve the environment of business that develops the entrepreneurial activity.

The study “popular entrepreneurs: ten stories of success” was carried out by the Fundación Pazos Kanki, under the leadership of sociologist and researcher Henry Oporto. Its publication was made possible through the collaboration of the CEPB and the support of Bolivian national brewery.

The word ‘popular’ is meant here to describe people who are not part of the ‘elite’ or upper social class in Bolivia. To go up in the ladder, is always hard, even more in a country like Bolivia, where that opportunity seldom appears, therefore all of the ten successful entrepreneurs, more than deserve to be part of The Hall of Bolivian Fame.

Kudos to CPEB and CBN for promoting this type of recognition and the opportunity to show that in Bolivia, despite our current sociopolitical problems, there is still room for improvement and growth!

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