Bolivian made toys for the world!

Pagina Siete and Tatiana Sanabria had the wonderful idea to tell us about Anatina Toys:

The talent of the Bolivian hands transcends borders and markets. The national company Anatina Toys – who was born as a project for the sake of Bolivian craftsmen – makes toys of wood and fabric that are currently marketed in United States, Canada and some European countries.

They are 65 designs created for children between zero and 12 years old, divided into eight categories and established according to the type of toy and the age to which it is directed.

They are made by 120 Bolivian craftsmen – after being trained by the same company – work is distributed in 35 workshops in La Paz and El Alto.

60,000 toys are produced per year, 3,000 units sent to other countries. This is equivalent to 5% of its total production. [so there is great potential to expand these exports; it is also great news that 95% gets sold internally, anyone who competes against smuggled goods and international toys deserves our respect! kudos for those Bolivians who chose these toys over foreign ones!]

The quality of these toys can be certified by any international standard, because they are not toxic, they are made with appropriate sizes and do not have sharp edges that could harm children.

Alfredo Troche, Manager of the company, explains that each toy meets three basic requirements: arouses the curiosity of the child, encourages their creativity and produces a desire to play many times in various ways, and for a long time.

“Our products, as well as they entertain, have this status to accompany the child in its formation and that is why they are didactic”, he adds.

This was achieved through the exchange of ideas among professionals in different areas; among them, a person in charge of foreign trade, a psychologist, a head of marketing, a mechanical engineer and a designer; the results were products that benefit and attract children.

Given that these toys are in series, they also perform plans and protocols of manufacture for each creation, which serve as guide for the artisans who make them.

Puppets, dolls, cars to paint, mechanical blades, football and three dimension puzzles are some of the offers that this company sells, at the national level, in La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Tarija, and Sucre.

“Toy business is dynamic.” “There are no toys for a long time in a market, because they keep changing fashion and trends”, says Troche. That’s why every year they care about presenting new products that are attractive to children.

Ecological products

Another peculiarity of this company is their responsibility to the environment.

In that regard, pine wood used is produced in certified and accredited workshops by the network of trade forest WWF; an international organization that regulates the exploitation of forests.

While the polar cloth imported from China, is anti allergic and also certified.

This – according to Alejandro Pereyra, responsible for foreign trade – is important at the time of export, because there countries looking for products that are organic, without losing their quality.

And although “there are well accepted abroad, it is difficult to compete with companies in the market and get a new brand be known,” says Pereyra.

However, the priority of Anatina Toys is employing more artisans and highlight their skills both inside and outside the country.

This is the type of industry that has potential, generates labor and is environmentally friendly and competitive worldwide. Kudos to Anatina Toys!!!!

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