Confirmed: two ministers left the Bolivian government!

In the verge of the “new holiday” created by this government, to commemorate their ruling on Bolivia: changing the Constitution, the name of the country and other demagogic ‘changes,’ El Deber in its website reports about two ministers who quit over this weekend:

The Government confirmed Saturday that two Ministers of State, presented their letters of resignation and will leave the Cabinet of President Evo Morales. The Deputy Minister for coordination with social movements, César Navarro said that the new cabinet will have gender equity and representative players.

Navarro confirmed that it was accepted the resignation of Ivan Canelas, from the portfolio of communication and Walter Delgadillo from public works. However, the changes in the Cabinet of Evo Morales could exceed seven according to different versions of sources close to the Government.

For full Spanish article, please use the link below:

Supposedly, current president will address the nation over this weekend, and will probably try to reflect a new ministerial cabinet that will show whether he is willing to change in lieu of his credibility and acceptance loss, or if he will continue with business as usual.

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