TIPNIS triggers a winning cartoon!

La Razon’s cartoon won the first national award:

A drawing of Al – Azar (Alejandro Salazar), published on July 10 in the section Gallery of Abnormalities of the supplement: Animal Politician, won the first national award in the caricature category of the National Press Association.

The image is referred to the conflict unleashed by the Government project for the construction of a road that would cross the National Park and indigenous territory Isiboro Sécure, TIPNIS.

According to the criterion of Al – Azar, what was reflected in the cartoon, was that the road plan not only cut in two the park but also its resources: plants and animals, including man. This cartoon was broadcasted in several formats as shirts and bags, the latter made by the feminist group: Mujeres Creando.

The awards ceremony will be held December 9 along with others, as the national prize of journalism goes to Mariano Baptista Gumucio. [well deserved!]


The saga for the TIPNIS continues, I hope that march effort (aggression included) keeps the TIPNIS free of any road. People who insist on the road between Cochabamba and Beni, must understand once and for all: a road can be done, that is not the issue, as long it doesn’t cut the TIPNIS in half.

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