Beware: road blockades across the nation, next week

There are two possible sources for road blockades next week: road heavy load transport, nationwide; and Oruro particular issues. La Razon reports on the former:

This Thursday, high tonnage vehicles blocked the access to the customs area of ​​El Alto, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Oruro and Tarija, to protest for the “imposition” of a valuation table (see graphics below) that rules the payment needed for the legalization of semi trailers and large volume trucks for goods transport.

“We are asking the authorities to revise the valuation table and adjust to flat rate, otherwise on Monday (we will) radicalize our actions with roadblocks and blocking the entry borders at Desaguadero, Tambo Quemado, Pisiga, Yacuiba and Puerto Suárez” , warned the president of the International Heavy Transport Federation of El Alto, Gustavo Rivadeneira.

According to Deputy Minister of Tax Policy, Susana Rios, the valuation table uses a lower value for defining taxes and fines; the government uses as a reference the price of a Chinese trailer, which is “the lowest” compared to trailers from Brazil , Europe or the USA.

“If these transport units who are subject to special program to legalize do not comply, as was established through Act 0133 (Legal Sanitation Undocumented Vehicle), they will be confiscated, after completion of the legalization process,” said the official.

A reply was made: “I say to the Deputy Minister (Rios) to try to seize even five trailers, at which point you will see that the problem will be greater. We are gathering the entire trucking industry nationally and internationally,” said the head of the Bolivian Transport Chamber, Fidel Baptista.

Register. Rivadeneira also reminded that there are more than 16,000 trailers or semi-trailers in country. “During freight transport, especially the international loads, we have been registering the trailer in the Vice Ministry of Transport and also in Customs, two agencies under the State that have approved the use of the same,” he said. [government needs to coordinate better, if one agency gives an OK, and another then rejects, it is not only a problem to the owners of the heavy load transport but also to all of those private companies that import/export their goods; failing to solve this issue, will not only cause loses at the time of the blockades but also will have to be reflected at the end-user, who will have to absorb the blockades and all other trade loses in the price]

According to Rios, more than 10,000 of these units were registered for legal documentation to support their transport across the Southern Common Market (Mercosur). 35% of these units comes from Brazil, 40% from Europe, USA and Japan, and the other 25% would have been assembled in Bolivia.

Illegal vehicles using natural gas (CNG) pay a penalty of 25% of the value of the unit, however, “the trailer, do not use fuel nor generate pollutants, and are charged 50% of the fine. The table does not take into account technical arguments such as depreciation, prescription and customs valuation rules. At least we ask for some coherent analysis in order to reduce the fines, “said Rivadeneira.

According to information from the Ministry of Economy, the process of legalization of these transport units include discounts ranging “from 50% to 300%.”

“All those transport units who have been legally imported into Bolivia or show that they have been built in the national territory are not subject to forfeiture,” Rios said. “We want to pay, but not at the whim of the Deputy Minister (Rios),” Baptista said.

Oruro civic committee instructed a 72 hour road blockade (starting Monday, November 14, 2011), so transit from La Paz to Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Beni, Potosi, Oruro, Tarija will be impossible, take precautions.

Oruro’s protest aims at protecting their borders, with the main issue is with Potosi. There is also the next national census that generates in part this unrest, as funding to some municipalities and/or regions will diminish as population moved to other places.–de-carreteras&cat=148&pla=3&id_articulo=78365

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