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ANF reports via El Deber:

National Taxes auctions a property in Santa Cruz for a tax debt

National Taxes reminds that taxpayers can avoid the auctioning of their properties with the payment of tax debts or with a plan of payment facilities.

The National Tax Service (SIN) auctioned a property in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bs273,000 after executing an unpaid tax debt of a taxpayer with Tax Identification Number (NIT) 2944644010.

The third Public Auction hearing of the property was held on Friday, August 25, at the Santa Cruz II District Management (GDSCZ II), in the presence of the Government Notary and seven proposers and/or interested parties, the property being awarded to the greater proposal, which was Bs273,000.

The auctioned property is located in the Northeast area, district San Martin UV: 79, block N ° 8, lot N ° 8, with an area of 343.47 square meters, indicates the communication unit of the SIN.

National Taxes reminds that taxpayers can avoid the auctioning of their real estate with the payment of their tax debts or using a plan of payment facilities.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: It is becoming clearer and clearer that this government has reached bottom, after wasting over $160 billion dollars of our revenues, failing to create sustainable jobs and encouraging private investment, this auction shows harsh days for the Bolivian public services to our society.

In addition, this picture is extremely illustrative:

Luxury items like the ones displayed in this picture, show the demagogue of the coca grower caudillo, the self-appointed socialist and defender of indigenous rights, he has squandered Bolivia’s Treasury!