TIPNIS: police spouses demand current president be put on trial

This article is from El Deber’s website:

Guadalupe Cardenas, representing the wives of low-ranking officers (corporals, sergeants, non-commissioned officers) called for the installation of a trial of responsibilities against current Bolivian state president; the reason? the police repression of the TIPNIS indigenous protest march group.

Cardenas said that a trial to current president should be enforced as he is the responsible party, because who has given the order is supposed to be him. “As the head of state and president, the “peons” can not do anything behind his back,” said Cardenas to the press.

She recalled that the responsibility trial against former president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada was to him and his entire high level officials from his government, due to the tragic events of October 2003. That trial did not include soldiers who shot people and said that along those lines [prevailing practice] the same should be done in this case, that is the complaint should be against current president.

According to Cardenas, the investigation should also include the General Commander of the Police, Jorge Santiesteban, who was the one that gave the order of repression to the TIPNIS indigenous marchers; she also expects that justice determines the arrest of Sacha Llorenti, former Minister of Government, at the time he goes to declare.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time nor will it be the last that this sorry events happen. Whoever is responsible for the TIPNIS aggression should be prosecuted and punished.

In addition, this sorry incident should make us reflect not only on how police brutality impacted the TIPNIS indigenous group. I urge you to consider the message these spouses had given to previous and this government: do not mess with our husbands, if you instruct police force against the citizens, well assume your responsibility. Lower rank officials, are getting tired of being the weakest link in the governmental chain.

What these spouses are doing is giving us a warning. Outcomes can be worse than a time bomb, and events like this are making the Bolivian clock tick faster, consequences can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, not only to the existing government at the time but to the citizens of this wonderful country. We deserve better!

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