Animal shelter in Bolivia takes in animals fleeing from the wildfires

ABC Fox Montana reports:

The tiny victims of Bolivia’s raging wildfires have taken some respite in an animal shelter in Aguas Calientes.

These animals are the lucky ones; the fires across Bolivia have impacted approximately 3,800 square miles.

It leaves behind an uncountable death toll of plants and animals.

The shelter rehabilitates these animal survivors of the fires to return to the wild eventually.

Animals whose injuries are too grave to go back will remain in the shelter.

Among the patients is a small armadillo who was left nearly blinded by the wildfires.

Bolivia is one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, but one of the richest in biodiversity.

And large areas of the country have been left charred, barren, and will be unable to sustain animal life for a long time.

Authorities are looking to set up feeding stations and water fountains to bring the forest back to life.

President Evo Morales has blamed drought for the fires burning across the Andean nation.

The fires in the scrubby forests in Bolivia’s Southeast are separate from but concurrent to thousands of wildfires also decimating the neighboring Brazilian Amazon.


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