Another sorry legacy from evo: Bolivia, among the 10 countries that deforest the most

Pagina Siete sadly reports:

Bolivia, among the 10 countries that deforest more

With the 2025 Patriotic Agenda and its elevation to the rank of law, it is planned to reach 13 million hectares of arable land by 2025 and expand agricultural production to 45 million tons, according to the e-portal of the Center for Research and Promotion of the Peasantry (CIPCA).

In contrast, the Director of Biosphere Productivity and Environment, Miguel Ángel Crespo, said: “We do not welcome the expansion of the agricultural frontier because it is not a necessity. Expanding the agricultural frontier means dismantling more forests than we have already dismantled. Bolivia is among the 10 most deforesting countries in the world and why are we are going to do that, to grow more transgenic soya, more transgenic maize? Because we will not plant vegetables, fruits or tubers. our counry is no longer producing them, the production of diversified and nutritious crops has been reduced”.

In the words of Crespo, “Bolivia is now importing 150 food that it used to produce. It seems to us a fallacy to say that the agricultural frontier is going to be expanded to feed the country, which is not going to happen because producers are looking for profitability, With the expansion of the agricultural frontier we are going to sharpen the problem of climate change, we are seeing that there are now more prolonged droughts and more torrential rains.”

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Prior to this ochlocracy, Bolivia had the first place in the world on more hectares under natural sustainable managed forests!

The self-labelled Mother Nature defender is simply an egomaniac and liar! This sorry excuse of a president, only thinks about perpetuating himself in the presidency, to continue to expand the “agricultural” frontier for the benefit of the coca growers’ whose produce ends up as cocaine!

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