After Banco Union’s robbery, senator questions continuity of its manager

Agencias reports via Pagina Siete:

After robbery, senator questions continuity of BU manager

The opposition Assemblywoman Carmen Eva Gonzales presented an interpellation against the Minister of Economy and the director of the ASFI.

The opposition senator Carmen Eva Gonzales raised an interpellation to the minister of Economy and to the director of the ASFI by the embezzlement millionaire to the Union Bank. One of the 32 questions in the questionnaire is why they did not take steps to remove the current manager of the entity, Marcia Villarroel?

“How many operational risk inspections have been carried out over the past two years by Banco Unión SA, to Villarroel, as General Manager?”, Asked the opposition senator, according to a publication by Erbol. He also asked that the ASFI indicate how many risk inspections are performed on average to banks in general.

In addition, Eva Gonzales requested the professional profile of each of the members of the board of the BU, the names of the persons responsible for performing the cash count – reconciliation between the amounts recorded in the accounts and the cash currency. All these questions arise taking into account that in each bank there should be a Compliance Unit that is part of the board.

He also asked about the composition of the stock package and how much the assets affected by the embezzlement of 36.7 million Bolivians. In this sense, he asked if the money is part of the savings of the public or private sector. He even questioned whether the ASFI receives monthly reports of possible internal fraud or operational risk events, and explain what insurance has contracted for this type of risk, says Erbol’s news release.

The interpellation raised on October 13 formulated 32 questions. Most of them are referred to embezzlement, demand a description of it that made the employee Juan Franz Pari. It also asks to know the list of the executive floor, its responsibilities and the salary level perceived by each one of them.

The questions also want to clarify if there are relatives working in the bank and what the Ministry of Economy did about it. However, the research also addresses the role of ASFI in its ability to monitor and supervise the activities of financial institutions.

The previous week, the deputy for the Movement to Socialism (MAS) Javier Zabaleta reported about the announcement. “The Minister of Economy and the Director of ASFI will be summoned to provide more information on the embezzlement of the bank … the Public Prosecutor’s Office is already in the investigations and we are going to wait for him to do his work to determine if there was or not a network,” he said.

The Ministry of Economy did not refer to the millionaire embezzlement in the Union Bank, although Law 331 of 2012, of creation of the entity, gives the responsibility for the supervision of the state financial institution, with criteria of safety and efficiency.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Bolivia’s 35 years under democracy, showed that governments prior to this one, when facing corruption or ineptitude cases, led to firing the incompetent or corrupt public servants.

Over the last eleven years, this demagogue government has done the opposite, their caudillo also bragged about his ministers or managers to be doing a good job in the event of being summoned by the opposition … clearly a flagrant corrupt insinuation.

Banco Union’s top executive is the wife of the former Economic Minister of the masismo … 

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