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Bolivian democracy in peril, evo needs to finish his term and leave!

Relentlessly the coca grower caudillo advocates to remain in power ad-infinitum, and that is corruption!

The following cartoons are from today’s newspapers (10/11/2017):

From Pagina Siete:





Yesterday we celebrated 35 years of democracy in Bolivia. Thousands of people gathered in main plazas nationwide and repudiated the intention of evo to remain in power, despite the fact of being unconstitutional, illegitimate and after he said publicly that he was not going to run again …

From El Dia:

Here, it is evident that evo controls ALL State powers and thus, bends laws, accommodates results to his likings and that only means antidemocratic behavior just to remain in power?! The people said on the referendum that we no longer want him in power.

From Los Tiempos:


Here the question is: what would the masistas do if the opposition were to win elections?, would they remain forever, or would they complain … this shows clearly that the masismo interprets laws according to their particular preferences, clearly an undemocratic behavior!

El Diario:

This one shows the charade that his acolytes push to “justify” evo to continue in power, they understand they have control over the ballots and how votes could be counted.

He needs to go after he ends his term!