Daily Archives: October 8, 2017

Will Smith with our very own José André Montaño!

Will Smith had complimented one of our Bolivian artists in FaceBook!

Had the pleasure of meeting 12 year old jazz pianist José André yesterday. Formed his first band at 6. Dropped his first CD at 8. Performing for thousands at 12. Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from being everything you’ve ever dreamed.


About José André

José André Montaño is a jazz pianist and composer. Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He taught himself how to play piano from a very young age. His playful and inspired compositions bridges Jazz, Rock, Blues, Bossa Nova, Latin American Folklore, and World music. He is a musician who flavors his tunes with Latin rhythms and jazz harmonies. Anyone who has the opportunity to hear him play are amazed by his speed and accuracy. Despite his very young age he has already delighted audiences from prestigious festivals and concert halls across the Americas including Washington D.C.s Kennedy Center, Millennium stage.

“I play with the heart” says the young pianist who loves music and life. “It’s a gift!” he adds.