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Bolivian true option to stop the egocentric to-be-dictator!

ANF reports via Pagina Siete:

Democrats call to vote void or blank in judicial

The national meeting of Democrats determined to reject the judicial elections and urged to vote null or blank and announced that it will require the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) the authorization of national political organizations to carry out electoral control.

“As democrats we will promote a broad citizen mobilization that will result in the rejection of this process that the MAS has imposed through the null and/or blank vote on December 3,” reads the statement of the National Executive Committee of Democrats.

The Executive Committee of the Democrats also announced that it will require the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to allow national political organizations to carry out electoral control of the vote in the judicial elections, “as a guarantee of transparency and impartiality of the electoral process.”

On December 3, judicial elections will be held to elect the highest authorities of the Judicial Branch, the same ones that have already been shortlisted in the Legislative Assembly with an official majority.

The opposition presented a proposal for judicial reform that included mechanisms to achieve an independent and transparent prescreening process, but was not considered by the ruling party, they criticized.

“The MAS did not take into account this proposal and decided to carry out a unilateral preselection, imposed and without guarantees of transparency” and “the preselection carried out by the MAS deepens the crisis in which the Judicial System of Bolivia is,” the document states.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: There is NO other away to stop the egocentric behavior of evo, to protect our Democracy we must vote null or blank!