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This Government has not only showed corruption levels but ineptness as well: keeps maintaining export quotas!

Mauricio Vasquez reports for El Deber:

The Government defines at the end of the month whether it allows exports of sugar

20 days after the end of the harvest, Cruceño sugar mills have produced 9.7 million quintals of the product. The figure is 1.2 million quintals greater than that demanded by the domestic market.

“We will evaluate at the end of the month if we allow sugar exports. We need 9.8 million quintals and we are close to reaching them. If we exceed that figure, it could be exported, “said Eugenio Rojas, Minister of Productive Development and Economy, during the closing of the Plurinational Meeting of the Sugarcane Production Complex.

He explained that they are waiting for the end of the harvest to verify how much sugar has been produced and to guarantee national consumption first.

Current production

Twenty days after the harvest, sugar mills in Santa Cruz have produced 9.7 million quintals of the sweetener, said Federico Martínez, general manager of the Federation of Cañeros de Santa Cruz. The figure is 1.2 million quintals greater than that required by the domestic market (8.5 million quintals).

The sugar surplus in the country is more than 2 million quintals, taking into account the 450,000 quintals of sucrose produced by Bermejo’s Agricultural Industries and the 160,000 quintals produced by the San Buenaventura Sugar Company.

Unagro expects to surpass 3.5 million quintals of sugar, and has already produced 3.1 million, according to its CEO, Marcelo Fraija. The company has 20,000 tons of surplus it could export.

Mariano Aguilera, president of Sugar Mill Guabirá, indicated that they have already produced 2.6 million quintals of sugar and is expected to reach its goal of 2.8 million quintals. The firm’s priority is to sell its product in the domestic market.

Meanwhile, Cristóbal Roda, operations manager of sugar-alcohol company Aguaí, said they have produced 1.3 million quintals and expect to reach 1.6 million until the cane harvest is over.

Belgium and San Aurelio have produced 1.09 million quintals of sugar and 1.8 million quintals, respectively.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Export quotas in a small-economy country, with mostly raw-materials’ exports, is just insane!

This atrocity (quota) is just a reflection of what can be obtained under the worst ochlocracy ever to have ruled Bolivia!

If a government wants to secure our food supply and at a good price for them, the only logical option is to provide with laws and conditions for the private investor to produce at a competitive rate, so that we can export and also have a good and cheap product for our internal market.