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Underwater archaeologists dig in Lake Titicaca

El Diario reports:

Underwater archaeologists dig in Lake Titicaca

A scientific mission of underwater archaeologists of the Lake Project began excavation in the depths of Titicaca to identify certain settlements with cultural features of pre-Hispanic civilizations that were detected with a sonar underwater.

Excavations are carried out in the Puerto Perez sector of the smaller lake or Wiñaymarka reported the head of the Archeology and Museums Unit of the Ministry of Cultures and Tourism, José Luis Paz and detailed that in the following weeks will identify if the submerged structures “are Temples, corrals or dwellings.”

Sonar – an acronym for English Sound Navigation And Ranging or navigation by sound – discovered in some sectors of the Titicaca, Inca offerings, said Paz, while in other sites they precede the Inca, even before Tiwanaku – a period in which the waters receded Supposedly up to 17 meters and then again climbed – there is evidence of the existence of archaeological remains with cultural features that were flooded.