Scientist Discoverer of Quinua Genome Invited to Bolivia

Prensa Latina reports:

Scientist Discoverer of Quinua Genome Invited to Bolivia

La Paz, Apr 28 (Prensa Latina) The International Quinua Center

(CIQ in Spanish) invited the U.S. scientist Eric Allen, discoverer of the quinua genome to offer an international master lectura on the cereal, informed the executive director of the institution, Edgar Solis.

Allen will speak about the benefits of the quinua bean next June in the city of Oruro, detailed here Solis and highlighted that associate professor of the faculty of Biology at the University of San Diego, California, will know about the advantages his research studies will bring to the world, about the herbaceous plant at an international event.

The CIQ has as one of its objectives to strengthen the crop of quinua, a star product for Bolivia grown for the last five thousand years and known to the world for its nutrient qualities.

Over the last years, the crop has expanded to several countries in Latin America, and the quinua harvested in the Andean-amazonic nation is one of the most famous at the international level.

This type of grain makes the difference compared to others due to the characteristics when cooked and how it is planted, besides being specially organic without the use of chemical elements.

In 2016, the country produced some 65 thousand tons, of which 35 thousand were exported to the United States and nations of Europe, Bolivia is second world producer, only behind Peru.

The quinua is cultivated in the Bolivian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Colombian Andes, as well as in the High Plateau and at sea level in the center-south zone of Chile. Together with the potato it was one of the main foods of the austral peoples, pre-incaic Andeans and incaic.


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