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Like Somalia and Colombia … this “government” is loosing ground to narcotrafficking!

El Diario reports:

Brazil drug cartels operate in the country

• At least 100 emissaries of the Brazilian Primer Comando da Capital (PCC) [Pimer Comando de Capital] cartel were detected operating in Bolivia, police commander Abel de la Barra reported.
• Brazilian and Bolivian authorities will gather in the neighboring country to coordinate operations, such as the ones who were held in San Matías, Puerto Quijarro and Puerto Suárez.

[pictures from the website]

At least one hundred emissaries of the Primer Comando da Capital (PCC) cartel that is disputing the control of drug trafficking in Brazil was detected operating in the national territory, according to information provided by the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office.

This information was released yesterday by the national police commander, General Abel de la Barra, who explained that the information was provided last week by Brazilian authorities, due to “a particular interest” that is in the neighboring country to catch the criminals, who are disputing drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro with the “Comando Vermelho” [Red Command].”

He also said that the government minister, Carlos Romero, will meet with the Minister of Justice, military and police authorities of that country, in order to coordinate operations, such as those that took place yesterday along the border, in populations Such as San Matías, Puerto Quijarro and Puerto Suárez, in Santa Cruz.


Let’s not forget that the government of the coca grower caudillo had insisted that there are no cartels operating in Bolivia, however the reality shows:

  1. Violent crimes at plain sight, settling of scores due to narcotrafficking ties,
  2. Hundreds of Colombian citizens, riding motorcycles, all over our main cities’ poor neighborhoods, collecting interests on loans that came from money laundering,
  3. Entire segments of our population, in cities and towns nationwide, immersed in narcotrafficking, money laundering, smuggling of precursors for cocaine production,
  4. During this government, last eleven years, poppy has made our country the second producer in the region!