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Governor concerned about irresponsible gas management

El Diario reports:

Governor concerned about irresponsible gas management

Santa Cruz .- The Secretary of Energy, Mines and Hydrocarbons of the Governor of Santa Cruz, Herland Soliz, reported that Bolivia is still unable to meet the established volumes of natural gas to Argentina and Brazil according to contracts. [photos obtained from the internet]

The authority said that Bolivia should daily produce 64 million cubic meters of gas (MMm3/d), to satisfy the internal and external market. However, Bolivia is currently producing 58 MMm3/d.

According to Soliz, the export to Argentina has risen on average monthly to 17 MMm3/d and volumes to Brazil have decreased from 28 to 23 MMm3/d.

He also referred to the possible sale of gas rich in liquid components, to cover the missing demand, which would have consequences for the country, since it would stop producing LPG and gasoline in the liquid separation plants of Gran Chaco and Rio Grande.

“YPFB continues to handle our production irresponsibly and does not want to demonstrate that we are in a production deficit and that we are entering a Bolivian gas crisis,” Soliz said.


Current central government has failed completely! No new gas fields were discovered, the demagogue government has not secured real, competitive investment for the main source of revenues for Bolivia.

Incompetence of the populist government, after wasting $160 billion dollars, is leading Bolivia to a very severe economic crisis.