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Bolivia already experiences turbulence in the economy led by the ruling ochlocracy!

El Dia reports:

According to academic Gonzalo Chávez

Already turbulence in the economy

Bolivia’s economy, so stable during the boom in natural gas and minerals prices, is beginning to suffer turbulence from an adverse external context and critical official policies that could complicate the reelection plans of leftist President Evo Morales.

Deceleration. After growing 5.46% in 2014, 4.8% in 2015 and 4.2% in 2016, better than its neighbors in the region, “the Bolivian economy clearly has symptoms of a significant slowdown, symptoms that a crisis could be expected in the coming years,” explains economist and professor at the Catholic University of Bolivia (UCB), Gonzalo Chavez.

Although the government still estimates that in 2017 the economic expansion will be 4.8%, Chávez recalls the fiscal deficit that Bolivia drags from four years ago.


Bolivian Thoughts Opinion: Cheap demagogue of the ruling ochlocracy led by the coca grower caudillo is finally been outspoken so everybody understands it is time to let go this inept! Have him terminate his mandate in 2019 and let’s start rebuilding our Nation.

Despite the fact that over $160 billion dollars were wasted, our meritocracy and institutionality was destroyed, booming narcotrafficking, smuggling and rampant anarchy at all societal levels, it is time to have those supporters of the egomaniac’s regime, to go and face trials for their incompetence and corruption!