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The true demagogue face of the coca grower caudillo and harsh consequences for the people of Bolivia

The coca grower caudillo whose primary responsibility is to the six federations of coca growers of the Chapare and then, only then, as president of Bolivia, has made promises he can not keep due to his inept capacity to govern.

Cheap demagogue with money during the early days of his presidency, allowed him to force reelections twice, he wanted to continue in power after 2019 and at a referendum we, the citizens of Bolivia voted NO as a majority.

Well, this 2017 he wanted to offer money he doesn’t own with salary increases that put pressure to the legal private sector of the economy, while his state-owned delusions cannot even absorb their costs, they are a true example of the incompetence of the leftist populist that were kicked out of Brazil, Argentina and probably sooner than later from Venezuela as well.

These cartoon were portrayed on May 4, 2017 on main Bolivian newspapers:

This is from Pagina Siete:

You can see that from the presidential palace, how little is given from them but more is demanded from the private sector. Leftist populism has become worse than cancer in Latin America.

This is from El Deber:

Here, the finance minister is “pardoning” the state-owned companies, stating that they will not be required to pay such increase, but so its mandatory for the private sector. Like in Venezuela this president wants to force more bankruptcy on the private sector. He misled the voters and Bolivia is going down, more unemployment and closing of private ventures.

This is from Los Tiempos:

Here they are mocking the president’s style, he authorizes increases in salary and wants the private sector to comply, regardless of competitiveness to maintain their markets, regardless of the cost structure and reality of every company, this delusional increase came as an imposition. Not sustainable, not real!

This is from El Diario:

A real crude example, due to the demagogue salary offer by an incompetent government. Households can no longer afford those new salary levels and of course, people that believed in the coca grower caudillo will end up jobless. Maids will loose their jobs and we will see more of them by the sidewalks trying to sell fruit or begging …

This new increase in the salary may look good on paper and in macroeconomics but  the reality  is that most households can not afford to have maids.

This is from La Razon:

We can see the worker receiving the salary increase, which ends up in the hands of inflation, due to the poor management of the government, it is the ochlocracy that wasted over $160 billion dollars in the last eleven years. Not a single sustainable development has been created, no real investment came to this country, ruled by blooming corruption.